karaoke and disco

Its a disco and Karaoke with a twist!!

What better way to finish your party than a good old knees up and sing song! With AM Disco and Karaoke you can do just that!

Once booked we will deliver and set up all the equipment for you as well as a quick demonstration in how to use it. We will then leave it with you and your guests for the day/night for you to have a perfect party!

You do not need to be a DJ to use our system and you can rest assured your guests will love the idea of choosing their own music or having a singing competition if tha’ts what you like!

We will deliver and set up the system for you meaning you can just get started! Not only that but we will also give you a demonstration as to how to use the equipment so you can rest assured your night will go according to plan! 


Over a thousand Karaoke songs

With over a thousand karaoke songs to choose from, you can be sure there is something for everyone to sing! 

Our easy to use device makes it easy to pick and choose a song. Simply plug it in and sing your heart out!

Our karaoke device can also score your singing abilities, meaning it is perfect for some friendly competition.

Can’t find a song to sing? No problem, with our device you are able to stream karaoke songs through your own devices to sing!

Become a DJ for the night!

Hiring our equipment gives you the chance to become a DJ for the day and night. It is compatible with a number of devices meaning you can stream music from your own devices seamlessly.

Make your night perfect with a range of music chosen by you and your friends. 


Perfect for every occasion!

Our equipment is strong enough to meet your needs, from small garden parties to larger venues it will be perfect accompaniment for your night!

Simply contact us today and make a booking!

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